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Parmelia - Traditional handicraft made of flax, wool and rope

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My handicraft company Parmelia is 20 years old.

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For my products I prefer good raw material and I like to play with colours.

I use linen and wool and for the products made of rope also jute, manilla and hemp.

Products of rope, such as small carpets, mats and key rings are made of jute, manilla or hemp.

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A long piled rug is a traditional textile in the Northern countries. The rug serves as a colourful detail for an office or in a private home.

When planning and sewing a long piled rug, one may use the imagination and play with colours and design. I design my own models.

Since 1992 I have worked with my own business. My assortment consists of rugs, blankets, linen table runners with stripes in traditional and modern design, handmade sweaters, Christmas decorations and candles.

It is a joy and pleasure to create something and see it grow as a result of a cooperation between mind and hand. 

Ingrid Signell
Högbergsgatan 15
10900 Hangö

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